Graphs in Space: Graph Embeddings for Machine Learning on Complex Data

In today’s world, data in graph and tabular form are being generated at astonishing rates, with algorithms for machine learning (ML) and data mining (DM) applied to such data establishing themselves as drivers of modern society. The field of graph embedding is concerned with bridging the “two worlds” of graph […]

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ECMI Webinar “Maths for Industry 4.0”, Dec. 2-3, 2020

This is the 2nd announcement for the ECMI WEBINAR “MATHS FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 – MODELS, METHODS AND BIG DATA” jointly organised by the Special Interest Groups Mathematics for Big Data and Math for the Digital Factory . The workshop brings together data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers from academia and industry to discuss recent developments […]

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Interview to the winners of the ECMI Students Competition 2020

The ECMI Students Competition 2020 has been won by two European teams of students, named “Aula Chisini”, composed by Davide FOCCHI, Luca FORLANI, Agnese RADAELLI – Università degli Studi di Milano, and “BILBOMAT”, composed by Carlos Javier PEÑA – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics. We realized an interview with the […]

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PRecision crop protECtion: deep learnIng and data fuSION

Current farming practices require a uniform application of pesticides in order to protect crop plants from pest and disease. These treatments are typically repeated at regular time intervals. However, it is well known that several pests and diseases exhibit an uneven spatial distribution, with typical patch structures evolving around localized […]

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MESHFREE – more freedom in CAE

MESHFREE simulation of Karman vortex street with adaptive point refinement due to the gradient of velocity.

The complexity and difficulties of a flow simulation is highly dimensional. In many cases, we have only little or diffuse knowledge about boundary conditions or material properties. Moreover, the geometry might be extensive and very detailed, it may deform/move/change during the flow process. The flow might contain free surfaces or […]

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Modelling Light Propagation in Ocular Tissues

The cornea is the transparent part of the eye’s outer sheath and the primary refractive element in the optical system of the eye. Indeed, its curved interface with the air provides three-fourths of the eye’s focusing power (the remainder being provided by the lens). Maintenance of its curvature and clarity […]

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Mathematics of the COVID19 crisis – an ECMI webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently generating considerable activity among applied and industrial mathematicians across Europe.The mathematics of modelling, simulation, and optimisation in all its various forms has experienced an unusual level of attention from authorities and from the media. In recent weeks, separate teams of researchers in countries across Europe […]

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CANCELLED: 21st ECMI Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19 and the implications on international travel and gatherings etc., we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 21st ECMI Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ECMI 2020) that is due to take place at the University of Limerick, Ireland, from 22nd – 26th […]

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ECMI STUDENT competition: Modelling and prediction of pollen concentration

Foreword: Allergy to pollen is one of the most widespread diseases in today’s world. Even with the benefits of modern medicine, allergies still cause serious health problems and avoidance is an important aspect of treatment. Thus, prediction of pollen concentration is a very important task. Data: The data set was […]

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