Telescopes and Pyramids

My name is Victoria Hutterer and I am currently working as a member of the Austrian Adaptive Optics Group in Industrial Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. My research is mainly concerned with wavefront reconstruction from pyramid wavefront sensor data in astronomical Adaptive Optics. Adaptive Optics: Due to diffraction of light and turbulences […]

Let’s go to Mars together

In our final publication of this year, we would like to tell about our participation in recently launched ECMI virtual education program. The academic program in Applied Mathematics at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (IAMM) of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is emphasized in various aspects of computational mechanics. By joining […]

What Do You Know about Internet of Things?

 The project entitled ‘Technologies and Toolset to Positively Control Manufacturing Sectors regarding the Internet of Things’ has been a successful bilateral application for the competition under the Federal Program ‘Research and Development’ which was prepared by the SPbPU in cooperation with Indian colleagues from the Institute of Technology of Bombay (IITB). The competition is co-funded […]

Supplementary mathematical education in Russian schools

  (A. Smirnova,  “The share of male students in school is integer number percent from total number of students. After New Year vacation a boy and two girls have entered the school as new students. But the share of male students in school remains integer number percent. Please prove that total number of students […]

SPbPU Researchers Proposed a New Channel Coding Method for 5G Wireless Systems

Russian Federation: a new channel coding method for the fifth generation wireless systems (5G) has been proposed by the researchers of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The task of channel coding is to introduce some redundancy into the data so that it can be used to cope with errors, which occur during transmission […]

Fasteners number optimization

Hello! My name is Tatiana Pogarskaia and I am one of the PhD students working for the VIM Lab. Today I would like to tell some words about my current research. The research was mostly caused by one of the projects under our collaboration with Airbus SAS Company and it is certainly connected with the […]

Hello from St Petersburg

Hello again from Saint Petersburg! The year has passed since our last meeting. Now is the time of hard frosts. See how St. Petersburg looks in this season. All the photos were taken from Google pictures, but we selected the best ones. We had a discussion how to start our blog this year. We already […]

Studying uncertainty for robot localization with multiple sensors using Monte Carlo Localization

Mobile robots have gained a lot of attention in the last years with a lot of applications in various fields. The robot’s ability to navigate its environment of operation is critical in fulfilling its mission. One of the key tasks in robot navigation is the self-localization which is simply determining the position of the robot […]

University of Tartu Master’s Programme in Computer Science is Waiting for Applications

Application for University of Tartu (UT) international students is now open until March 15. One of the university’s more prominent master’s programmes is Computer Science, as UT is ranked one of top universities in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of Computer Science (THE World University Rankings by Subject 2018). Computer Science MSc programme […]

UT researchers help the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to forecast Estonian economic activity

Researchers at the Center of IT Impact Studies at University of Tartu created an application that produces short-term economic forecasts 1 to 12 months into the future based on real time tax declarations of all Estonian companies.   According to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) 98% of Estonian tax revenue comes through voluntary […]