151st European Study Group with Industry, ESGI151, 4th-8th February 2019, Tartu, Estonia

The First Estonian Study Group with Industry (151th European Study Group with Industry, https://sisu.ut.ee/esgi151) is co-organised by COST Action TD1409 MI-NET and ECMI and will be hosted at the University of Tartu, Estonia, 4th-8th February 2019. Study Groups with Industry are week-long problem-solving workshop providing an opportunity for interaction between mathematicians, scientists and industry. ESGI151 […]

Generalized mechanics, branes and n-Lie algebras

n-Lie algebra, where n ≥ 2, is a generalization of the notion of Lie algebra. An integer n indicates the number of elements of algebra necessary to form a Lie bracket. Thus, a Lie bracket of n-Lie algebra g is an n-ary multilinear mapping g×g×…×g (n times) → g, which is skew-symmetric and satisfies the […]

Studying uncertainty for robot localization with multiple sensors using Monte Carlo Localization

Mobile robots have gained a lot of attention in the last years with a lot of applications in various fields. The robot’s ability to navigate its environment of operation is critical in fulfilling its mission. One of the key tasks in robot navigation is the self-localization which is simply determining the position of the robot […]

Applying Non-Parametric Methods on Environmental Data

Scientists of Tallinn University of Technology use nonparametric statistical methods in environmental engineering. The methods of classical statistics are often less suited for analyses environmental data. The environmental databases need nonparametric statistical methods for analyses. The environmental time series are in general non-stationary. For this case special non-parametric trend test are developed. One of the […]

University of Tartu Master’s Programme in Computer Science is Waiting for Applications

Application for University of Tartu (UT) international students is now open until March 15. One of the university’s more prominent master’s programmes is Computer Science, as UT is ranked one of top universities in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of Computer Science (THE World University Rankings by Subject 2018). Computer Science MSc programme […]

Recovering Parameters of Generalized Fractional Diffusion Models

Scientists of Tallinn University of Technology recover parameters of generalized fractional diffusion models Fractional differential equations is a popular tool to model slow diffusion with nonlocal properties. Recent development of these models goes to the direction of more generality in density kernels characterizing the nonlocality. For instance, models with multiple fractional derivatives (distributed derivatives) are […]

Topological Algebras and their Applications

The International Conference on Topological Algebras and their Applications “ICTAA 2018” will take place from 25th until 28th of January 2018 in Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia. The conference belongs to the series of ICTAA’s started in 1999. The suggested topics of the conference are connected with the topic of the General Theory of Topological Algebras […]

UT researchers help the Estonian Tax and Customs Board to forecast Estonian economic activity

Researchers at the Center of IT Impact Studies at University of Tartu created an application that produces short-term economic forecasts 1 to 12 months into the future based on real time tax declarations of all Estonian companies.   According to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) 98% of Estonian tax revenue comes through voluntary […]

Energy Prediction Models for Wireless Sensor Nodes

Scientists of Tallinn University of Technology have introduced a novel energy prediction model based on sampling operators. Recent research and development in IoT (Internet of Things), remarkably changed the entire scenario of computer networks or internet and evolves the infinite smart devices with embedded systems. Moreover, IoT is the combination of various devices. Generally, IoT […]

University of Tartu: Researcher exchange with partner universities

The University of Tartu has signed partnership agreements with a number of international universities to facilitate academic staff exchange. Within the framework of these agreements both incoming and outgoing short-term visits (1-10 days) are supported. INCOMING UT academic staff members have the opportunity to invite their colleagues from partner universities abroad to visit Tartu in […]