Topological Algebras and their Applications

The International Conference on Topological Algebras and their Applications “ICTAA 2018” will take place from 25th until 28th of January 2018 in Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia. The conference belongs to the series of ICTAA’s started in 1999.

The suggested topics of the conference are connected with the topic of the General Theory of Topological Algebras and its applications like Categories of Topological Algebras, Topological Rings, Topological Linear Spaces, Topological Modules, Topological Groups and Semigroups, Bornological Structures, Sheaf Theory, Bundle Theory, Topological K-theory, etc.

The participants of ICTAA 2018 will arrive from China, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Republic of South Africa and Russia.

More information about the talks, participants and the conference could be found at the conference home-page at .

Contact: Mart Abel,

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