Teaching for learning – the university perspective Conference in Tartu (Estonia) 23–25 January 2018

Learning-centered teaching approaches that can only be achieved through cooperation are a cornerstone of today’s higher education. This conference is dedicated to the development of teaching and learning and deals with issues such as the essence of learning-centered teaching, new teaching tools that support and facilitate quality learning, differences in field-specific teaching, and the role […]

Welcome to Estonia

Just about a week ago, on January 13, a new presentation of Estonia was launched. Have a look: https://estonia.ee/. Hope, you find something interesting and useful.

Estonia as a place to study without hesitation

Dr Isabelle Frochot, a visiting associate professor of tourism marketing at the University of Tartu Pärnu College, says that she would recommend Estonia as a place to study without hesitation. See: http://estonianworld.com/knowledge/isabelle-frochot-estonias-teaching-methods-highly-advanced/

Differential Geometry, Topology of Manifolds, Triple Systems and Physics

Differential geometry and topology of manifolds represent one of the currently most active areas in mathematics, honored by a number of Fields Medals in the recent past to mention only the names of Donaldson, Witten, Jones, Kontsevich and Perelman. The recent vitality of these areas is largely due to interactions with theoretical physics that have […]

University of Tartu: Researcher exchange with partner universities

The University of Tartu has signed partnership agreements with a number of international universities to facilitate academic staff exchange. Within the framework of these agreements both incoming and outgoing short-term visits (1-10 days) are supported. INCOMING UT academic staff members have the opportunity to invite their colleagues from partner universities abroad to visit Tartu in […]

University of Tartu

Greetings from Tartu, Estonia The University of Tartu (UT) is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training. It preserves the culture of the Estonian people and spearheads the country’s reputation in research and provision of higher education. UT belongs to the top 2% of world’s best universities. UT includes four faculties. Faculty of Arts and […]

Maths in HORIZON 2020

At the ECMI2016, some very important news became clear during the Minisymposium MS38, Maths in HORIZON 2020 and beyond, organized by Dietmar Hömberg and Wil Schilders (http://www.usc.es/congresos/ecmi2016/?page_id=2130). Dr. Anni Hellmann, Deputy Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission, presented the results of the European Commission’s consultation on mathematics for Horizon2020 […]

21th International Conference Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2016)

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT 21th International Conference Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (MMA2016)   June 1 – 4, 2016, Tartu, Estonia Conference organizers European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Tartu (Estonia) Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) Estonian Mathematical Society The Conference focuses on various aspects of mathematical modelling and usage […]

Cheminformatics: solution delivers predictive models to chemistry and related sciences

Scientist at University of Tartu (UT) are hosting and developing a smart repository solution that allows easy access to quantitative and qualitative structure–activity relationships, (Q)SAR, models and improves publishing of research results. (Q)SAR are important tools for describing and assessing the properties of molecules in chemistry and related science fields like biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, […]

UT Estonian Marine Institute researchers discovering unexplored open sea

In their fieldwork, researchers of the University of Tartu Estonian Marine Institute have for the first time surveyed in detail over 500 km2 of seabed in the Estonian economic zone of the Baltic Sea. During the works discoveries have been made which have not been documented by anyone.   Unknown shipwreck which according to experts […]