Optimization in the Life Sciences: Mathematics Supports in the Health Sector

Optimization of Rescue Station Locations, Optimizing Medical Care in Rural Areas, Online Training for Mental Health, Therapy Decisions, Laboratory Diagnostics for Covid-19, Viruses in Tumor Therapy – These are all topics in which mathematics from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM provides support.

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Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel Is the New President of the »Association of European Operational Research Societies« (EURO)

Anita Schöbel

Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel has been President of the »Association of European Operational Research Societies« (EURO) since January 1, 2023. After her election in summer 2021, she was able to prepare for her term as »President Elect« for one year. We interviewed her about her tenure so far.

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Short-term trajectory prediction for autonomous vehicles

Today we caught up with Sushil Sharma a PhD student at the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training (CRT) in Foundations of Data Science who carried out his placement with Valeo and to find out more about his poster presentation at the 30th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and […]

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MACSI Postdoctoral and Research Fellow Network

In 2022, MACSI formed an inclusive, researcher-led network for postdoctoral and research fellows working in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. Over the last 12 months our network has grown, and we currently have 11 postdoctoral researchers and research fellows at MACSI. This network: Take some time to read about: Dr. […]

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Meet MACSI’s Women in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been successful in achieving the very prestigious Bronze Athena SWAN Department Award. The Athena SWAN Charter encourages and recognises commitment to combating under-representation and advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) roles within the higher education and […]

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A New Mathematical Modelling of Crystallization in Microgravity Project at MACSI

Last year, MACSI in collaboration with SSPC, SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals at the University of Limerick announced its partnership with Varda Space Industries in the US. Pharmaceutical compounds often crystallize in two or more forms, called polymorphs.  If only one of the polymorphs has desirable medicinal effects, then there are […]

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Award for University of Limerick MACSI team that was central to COVID-19 statistical modelling in Ireland

March 2020 changed the lives of everyone around the around. We were all worried about the spread of COVID-19, fascinated with R number and hoping lockdowns would not last long. Working in the background was the UL team from MASCI (Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry) who as part […]

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25 years of MaGIC: Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia, in Norway

The first time we organised MaGIC it was in 1999 in Ustahoset, Norway. The group of participants was not very big and we all lived in the cabin of the University of Bergen, Ottesheimen. We cooked our own meals, shared rooms, and had to queue for the bathroom. In the […]

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Centre for Geophysical Forecasting 

By Jo Eidsvik, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU  Research Director, Centre for Geophysical Forecasting The Centre for Geophysical Forecasting (CGF, https://www.ntnu.edu/cgf) is one of the Norwegian centres for research-based innovation, funded by the research council of Norway and 13 industry partners. The goal of CGF is to become a world-leading research and innovation […]

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