Bachelor study program of Applied mathematics at Faculty of sciences in Novi Sad

Department of mathematics and informatics at Faculty of sciences in Novi Sad has years of experience in education of mathematicians in the field of mathematics and applied mathematics at all levels of academic studies. The program Applied Mathematics (MAP) is a study program of undergraduate academic studies, and it represents the first stage in university education of mathematicians in the field of applied mathematics. After completing MAP, students who want to continue studying applied mathematics at Faculty of sciences can enroll in one of two master study programs: Applied mathematics and Applied mathematics – Data science. On one hand, MAP study program represents a very good basis for the continuation of studying of applied mathematics on master academic level, and on another hand, it has independent purpose to train students for occupations needed in various areas of industry and financial institutions.

MAP is a three-year bachelor study program, and its goal is the education of mathematicians as experts in the economy, industry, financial and economic institutions. The curriculum and the carefully chosen teaching content combined with specific teaching methods enable students to acquire fundamental mathematical knowledge and to understand the application of that knowledge in practice. Through many courses students learn to create and solve various mathematical models in order to develop a deeper understanding of problem of consideration. Students are encouraged to be creative in their thinking, to do independent research, and to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills for practical purposes. Also, the knowledge of informatics acquired during studies is to ensure the proper use and adequate application of modern software in considering and solving specific problems where programming and other informatics skills are needed. In the third year of study students have mandatory professional practice and they perform it in selected economic organizations or public institutions such as IT companies, factories, enterprises, banks, insurance companies, research centers, etc. Professional practice has proven to be beneficial for students as it provides them with exposure to real industry problems and industry experts from various fields.

When enrolling in this study program, the student chooses one of three optional modules: Data analytics and statistics, Mathematics of finance or Techno-mathematics. Depending on the chosen module, students study basics in different fields such as: machine learning, optimization, and statistics (Data analytics and statistics module), economics, finance, and accounting (Mathematics of finance module) or physics and selected engineering disciplines (Techno-mathematics module). On every module, through specific courses, students are well trained to communicate with engineers and various experts in industry.

So far, the MAP study program has been one of the most attractive programs that has been running at Faculty of sciences. Students who enroll in it recognize the modern field of study, modern curriculum, and innovative methods, but also appreciate the effort that professors and associates invest in the implementation of the program. However, constant modernization of the curriculum and teaching content is inevitable in order to ensure that the MAP study program keeps up with the times, and still meets the highest academic standards.

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