ECMI is basically a consortium of institutions and companies although it is also possible for individuals to be members.
A member of ECMI benefits from being part of the European community of mathematicians working on industrial problems – where industry is interpreted as any activity of social or economic relevance. In particular the following opportunities are available:

  • The ECMI blog provides an up-to-date interactive forum for European activities in Industrial Mathematics.  Each month a different ECMI Institution is featured. Members can post information about events, advertise posts etc.
  • The annual ECMI report containing news, articles and case studies is published in hard copy and on line
  • ECMI supports a number of Special Interest Groups and information about their activities and how to take part is available via the ECMI blog/website.
  • Information about EU funding opportunities is shared and partners can be identified.
  • The ECMI Research Conference is held every 2 years and participants from ECMI member institutions get reduced registration.
  • ECMI is a promoter of the European network of networks EU-MATHS-IN which offers a wide range of services and information on Mathematics in Industry.
  • ECMI oversees the European Study Groups with Industry – currently there are between 6 and 9 held each year in different European countries.
  • Students from ECMI member institutions who have completed a mathematical thesis on an industrial topic are eligible to apply for the Wacker Prize (MSc) or the Anile Prize (PhD).
  • Students from member institutions can apply to attend the annual ECMI Summer School and Modelling Week.
  • Information about courses in industrial mathematics and student exchanges is available.

Currently the subscription rates are:

Academic Institutions:  200 Euros pa
Industrial companies:   500 Euros pa
Individual members:       75 Euros for two years.

Apply here

For further information contact the Director or the Treasurer:

Ececutive Director: Poul G. Hjorth  (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby)

Secretary and Treasurer: Dr. E. Jan W. ter Maten (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

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