Coming to Linz…not such an Inverse Idea

My name is Kemal Raik and I am currently working on the FWF funded project on nonlinear heuristic regularisation for astronomical imaging at the Industrial Mathematics Institute in the Johannes Kepler University Linz. I am originally from London in the United Kingdom and did my bachelor studies in Aberdeen and then went on to attain […]

Anile-ECMI Prize for Mathematics in Industry

The Associazione Angelo Marcello Anile and ECMI are happy to announce the fourth Anile-ECMI Prize for Mathematics in Industry to be awarded at the ECMI 2018 conference in Budapest, Hungary, June 18-22, 2018. The prize will be given to a young researcher for an excellent PhD thesis in industrial mathematics successfully submitted at a European […]

Hansjörg Wacker Memorial Prize

This prize was established in memory of ECMI founding member Hansjörg Wacker (1939-1991), who was Professor of Numerical Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz. The prize is jointly funded by ECMI and by a consortium of institutions from Linz which comprise the Industrial Mathematics Institute and the Institute of Computational Mathematics of Johannes Kepler […]

The Whole is more than the Sum of its Bricks

The AAO team of the Industrial Mathematics Institute of the JKU Linz has gained profound experience in the fields of adaptive optics during the ELT-project with ESO. Based on this expertise, the AAO team is engaged in the SFB-project “Tomography across the Scales”, especially in the sub-project “P5 – Tomography in Astrophysics”. The focus lies […]

SFB Tomography Across the Scales: Quantitative Optical Imaging from Single Molecules to Stars

Technologies which provide insight into the structure of biological/human material repeatedly have led to medical breakthroughs. In 1979, Allan MacLeod Cormack and Godfrey Houndsfield won the Nobel Prize in “Physiology and Medicine” for the first development of a CT-Scanner. The ability to inspect the internal three-dimensional structure of the human body by tomography has revolutionized […]

Telescopes and Pyramids

My name is Victoria Hutterer and I am currently working as a member of the Austrian Adaptive Optics Group in Industrial Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. My research is mainly concerned with wavefront reconstruction from pyramid wavefront sensor data in astronomical Adaptive Optics. Adaptive Optics: Due to diffraction of light and turbulences […]

Polytech and Siemens Opened Joint Laboratory «Industrial Artificial Intelligence»

At the end of 2017 the Grand Opening of R&D Lab «Industrial Artificial Intelligence» took place in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Siemens LLC allocated about 21 million rubles for laboratory software and hardware that was integrated with Supercomputer Center «Polytechnic». The peak total computer performance of the complex reaches 2 petaflops that […]

SPbPU Researchers Proposed a New Channel Coding Method for 5G Wireless Systems

Russian Federation: a new channel coding method for the fifth generation wireless systems (5G) has been proposed by the researchers of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The task of channel coding is to introduce some redundancy into the data so that it can be used to cope with errors, which occur during transmission […]

International Polytechnic Summer School: Do You Miss Summer Holidays?

Greetings from snowy St Petersburg! Do you miss warm sunny days? We are pleased to present International Polytechnic Summer School that will take place in St. Petersburg in summer 2018. International Polytechnic Summer School is one of the biggest summer schools in Russia. Over 500 students from more than 50 countries attended the previous school held […]

International Master’s Degree Program Intelligent Systems

Hello everyone! Get some insights into an international Master’s degree program Intelligent Systems which has been run for 10 years by the Higher School of Cyber-physical Systems and Control affiliated to the Institute of Computer Science and Technologies of SPbPU. It is no surprise that IT technologies are rapidly evolving, that is why technology-related programs […]