ECMI Modelling Week 2017 – A Student’s Perspective

A video featuring the social aspects of ECMI modelling week 2017.

DTU Compute -Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Technical University of Denmark

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Technical University of Denmark – DTU Compute – is the largest center for mathematics and computer science in Denmark. With approximately 200 full-time staff members and postdocs, and around 150 ph.d. students, it has the size of a small faculty in itself. DTU Compute is located at […]

The Sound of Your Emotions

DTU Compute postdoc Jens Madsen is researching algorithms to pick from a music library music to match an emotion described by a user. Music services like Spotify, Apple Music and Wimp provide access to millions of songs, but picking out just a few suitable for a particular mood is a daunting task for `wetware’, the […]

The Sensible DTU Project

My name is David Kofoed Wind and I am a PhD-student in the Cognitive Systems Section at DTU Compute. My PhD-project relates around machine learning and data science, covering a broad set of topics. Currently I am working on three different projects: Analysis of data from the , peer grading of students in university courses […]

Oi-X Collaboration with IT Industry

This autumn, DTU students will be turning up the volume on creativity, driving innovation at major IT giants such as IBM and KMD, amongst others. This is the focus of the new Oi-X collaboration, where students seek to create new solutions for Danish companies. A new collaborative partnership between DTU and Denmark’s two largest IT […]