Hello from St Petersburg

Hello again from Saint Petersburg! The year has passed since our last meeting. Now is the time of hard frosts. See how St. Petersburg looks in this season. All the photos were taken from Google pictures, but we selected the best ones.

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We had a discussion how to start our blog this year. We already told you about St. Petersburg  and about our University. So we’ve decided to tell you about … ourselves. We are the Virtual Modelling Laboratory or VIM Lab.

The VIM Lab was established by several Professors of Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. The initiation of Laboratory was caused by growing interest for use the numerical analysis as a tool for solving industrial problems. Thus the key scientific interests of VIM Lab research staff are mathematical simulation in various areas mainly connected with mechanics of continuum media and heat transfer.

Usually several best Master level students are invited to join the Laboratory every year. Only ‘A’ grade students can be selected. For students joining the Laboratory guaranties  participation in research projects with industrial companies, topics for diploma projects suggested by industrial partners, attractive carrier opportunity with creative work and competitive salary.

Such staff policy allowed us to form a very strong team. Now it consists of 4 Master and 5 PhD students, 7 Postdocs and 9 Professors. Some of us are in the photos below.


6Vim Lab already has some history that dates back to 2001. Here I mentioned some of our projects:

  • In 2001-2007 we simulated water turbines for Power Machines Corporation
  • In 2004-2008 we performed simulation of the gates of Saint Petersburg flood defense complex. The project was initiated by Rubin ship building company  and also supported by Microsoft

  • Since 2005 we collaborate with Ecotop Company in the field of simulation of industrial gas burners.
  • In 2006-2011 we had a number of simulation projects with General Motors . It involved aeroacoustics, simulation of stamping and even inverse problems of heat exchange.

  • In 2007-2011 we had a series of projects with Rubin Company  aimed at simulation of offshore platforms.
  • In 2008-2016 we collaborated with FMC Technologies  in simulation of riser equipment.
  • Since 2006 we collaborate with Airbus  in simulation of aircraft assembly process. We already have told about this project
  • In 2014-2017 we participated in Iceberg project headed by Rubin Company . It is complex project devoted to development of new technologies for Arctic region. The project was detaily described by BBC. Our part was the development of software for simulation of offshore drilling. Work was presented in ECMI 2016.
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