Alan Tayler Memorial Lecture

Alan Tayler Memorial Lecture

This lecture was set up by the ECMI Council to honour Alan Tayler who died on
January 28th 1995. Alan was one of the founding members of ECMI and was the third
President in 1989. The Alan Tayler Lecture has been a key feature of the biennial ECMI
conferences since 1996.

John Ockendon, Oxford
Complex Rays and Blue Skies Research

Antonio Fasano, Firenze
Pipelining of Liquid Fuels with Peculiar Rheological Properties

Helmut Neunzert, Kaiserslautern
Why do we do ‘Industrial Mathematics’? Comments on reasons once given by Alan Tayler

Heinz Engl, Linz
Parameter Identification in Industrial Problems via Iterative Regularization Methods

John Hinch, Cambridge
On Problems in the Glass Industry

Vincenzo Capasso, Milano
On the Mean Geometric Densities of Random Closed Sets and their Estimation:
Application to Inhomogeneous Fibre Processes

Mario Primicerio, Firenze
Some Mathematical Problems in Oil Pipelining

Matti Heilio, Lappeenranta
Charm and Impact. Is there something like pedagogy for industrial mathematics?

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