Nanomath 2016

The third nanomath conference will take place in Toulouse, France on 27-30 June 2016 (registration deadline 10 June 2016).

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing and exciting research area that is constantly issuing new challenges. Despite extensive research in this field, many breakthroughs and advances are the result of trial and error, since the mathematical framework and appropriate solution techniques which could provide a theoretical understanding often do not exist. Started in 2012 the purpose of the Nanomath conferences is to bring together mathematicians, chemists, physicists and engineers to explore the potential for mathematicians and experimental scientists to gain a better insight into the workings of the nanoworld.

Invited speakers 

R. Cuerno, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

I. Griffiths, University of Oxford

C. Magén, Universidad, Zaragoza

C.-A. Pillet, Université de Toulon

Other contributions

Can you trust mathematics at the nanoscale? Tim Myers

Mathematical modelling of phase change in nanowires. Brendan Florio et al.

Computing tool for quantitative analysis of transmission electron micrographs of crystal structures. Sergio Córdoba et al.

Mathematical modelling in nanotechnology. Jim Hill

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NANOMATH 2016 Poster

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