New MSc at the University of Oxford – ‘OMMS’

The new Oxford Master’s in Mathematical Sciences (or ‘OMMS’) will admit its first cohort of students in 2018-19. This master’s degree spans interdisciplinary applications of mathematics as well as recognizing fundamental questions and themes.  Students can choose from many different pathways, tailoring the programme to their individual interests and requirements. Examples of pathways include: data […]

Modelling deep-sea oil spills

(by Rachel Philip.) In a deep-sea oil spill, a broken pipe near the seabed (containing a mixture of oil and water) can result in the release of a high-speed jet into the surrounding ocean. The jet’s shearing motion will typically cause the oil to break up into smaller droplets, which are then more easily dispersed […]

Industrial case-studies with the InFoMM CDT

I am in my second year of study with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM). In this program, we undertake a year of training in cutting-edge mathematical techniques and learn about many aspects of industry, before choosing and working on our DPhil in years two to four. A highlight […]

Using mathematics to realise the potential of a novel soil-based filter.

The Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta is a global hotspot for arsenic groundwater contamination. Naturally occurring arsenic concentrates in water drawn from deep tube wells, creating a major public health issue in West Bengal and Bangladesh, described as the “largest mass poisoning of a population in history”. Arsenic mitigation technologies mostly rely on allowing the contaminated fluid to run […]

European Summer School in Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Crime and Image Processing

In this summer school we focus on the mathematical topics of crime and image processing which currently attract a lot of attention both from mathematical research and from real-world applications, but where these two sides are rarely taught together. The summer school will combine a traditional research school that introduces the participants to mathematical topics, […]

UTM-CIAM: A cooperation of UTM with OCIAM

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia has founded a Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2012 in cooperation with OCIAM. They have already held three Study Groups with Industry in 2011, 2014, and 2015. Currently Assoc. Prof. Ali H. M. Murid and PhD student Amir S. A. Hamzah are visiting OCIAM […]

Communities in time-dependent networks

My name is Marya Bazzi and I recently finished my PhD in applied mathematics at the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The main focus of my thesis is cluster (or community) detection in time-dependent networks. But before going into that, a little bit of context: I started my studies with an undergraduate degree […]

How mathematics can help to solve the current water crisis

Population growth, drought and contamination mean that water quality and quantity concerns are one of the largest environmental issues facing the world today. As a result, the race to find new and effective strategies for the production of clean water is now more important than ever. Here in Oxford we have been working with Pall […]

Mathematics in the glass industry

Peter Howell has been working in Oxford on extensional thin layer flows with application to the glass industry for the last 20 years. He first studied the evolution of thin sheets and jets of viscous fluid by taking a mathematical limit where the aspect ratio (the ratio of the thickness to the length or width) is […]

Doctorate in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling – InFoMM CDT

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM), is based at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. This unique 4 year programme facilitates the training of doctoral students in real world mathematical problems. Roxana Feier writes about her experiences so far: “I am a second year doctoral student in […]