Requirements for the ECMI Certificate

The following is required in the master study to receive the ECMI certificate, that is a diploma supplement awarded by ECMI:

  • At least 120 ECTS in total, corresponding to two years study.
  • Modelling activities amounting to  6-15 ECTS, of which at least 6 ECTS  obtained through a regular modelling seminar;
  • A master thesis of 30 ECTS, on an industrial subject written in English.

In the spirit of ECMI international cooperation, other non required pedagogical activities are worth mentioning:

  • Semester(s) of study or the final master thesis project abroad, usually at one of the other ECMI universities (other institutions by approval by the ECMI Educational Committee);
  • Participation in an International ECMI Modelling Week.

The application of a student  for the ECMI certificate is usually organized by the ECMI responsible at the student’s home university. It includes the thesis in English language and a full transcript of studies and modelling activities relevant for the ECMI programme.

Only students enrolled in an ECMI Teaching Center, or in a provisional ECMI Teaching Center may apply for the certificate.

The student’s award of the certificate is finally assessed by the ECMI Educational Committee and is based on at least one review report of the thesis by ECMI reviewers.

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