ECMI Webinar “Math for Industry 4.0 – Models, Methods and Big Data”, December 2 – 3, 2020

In a joint activity of the Special Interest Groups Mathematics for Big Data and Math for the Digital Factory of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) this workshop strives to bring together data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers from academia and industry to discuss recent developments in digital manufacturing. […]

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EpideMSE – Epidemiological Modeling, Simulation and Decision Support of COVID-19

Intensice Care Bed Capacity

When the Covid19-Pandemic started in early 2020, Germany reacted with strict, acute nationwide measures that aimed at minimizing infection risk within the population. These included closing possible meeting locations such as schools, non-essential shops, playgrounds, restaurants and the like. Now that the numbers have declined, the government was and is faced with the dilemma of balancing citizens’ freedom rights against the risk of a new wave of infection. With smaller, but heterogeneously distributed outbreaks, local health authorities and politicians are now responsible for deciding on the degree of relaxation of protective measures in their administrative districts. There are currently numerous publications and pre-publications (cf. Flaxman, 2020) in which scientists analyze the current infection situation and attempt to predict the further course of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it cannot be expected that a district administrator or the head of the local health department will have the time and training to apply the study results, which were prepared for specific countries, regions or cities, to the situation in his or her district.

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ITWM Researcher Stefanie Schwaar Establishes New Research Group for Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Stefanie Schwaar from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM won the BMBF’s call for tenders for funding among young female AI researchers. She will establish and head her own research group at the mathematical institute from August 2020. Under the title “EP-KI: Decision Support for Business Management Processes […]

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MESHFREE – more freedom in CAE

MESHFREE simulation of Karman vortex street with adaptive point refinement due to the gradient of velocity.

The complexity and difficulties of a flow simulation is highly dimensional. In many cases, we have only little or diffuse knowledge about boundary conditions or material properties. Moreover, the geometry might be extensive and very detailed, it may deform/move/change during the flow process. The flow might contain free surfaces or […]

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Cable Simulation @ ITWM & FCC

Since 2005 ITWM and FCC collaborate on mathematical modeling and interactive simulation of cables and hoses. Our main application area is virtual product realization in automotive industry: Sales and marketing activities for our software IPS Cable Simulation, as well as implementation and maintenance work and training for industrial […]

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Posts from Kaiserslautern

Later this week (and during the next one) you will find here new posts from the ECMI node Kaiserslautern. We’ll give you an update on recent activities at Fraunhofer ITWM ( and the technomathematics group ( Regards, Joachim Linn (

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