Sustainable Energies

Co-ordinators: Nella Rotundo, Ferran Brosa Planella, Dirk Peschka, Tim Myers

The transition to a sustainable future is one of the most important goals of society, as clearly identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This process is currently influencing scientific, industrial and political developments to a great extent. In particular, the development of sustainable energies and materials are two areas with a very high impact to industry, and which can contribute to several SDGs.

The goal of “sustainable energies and materials” is to continuously improve the processes involved in the energy and material industry, to reduce their cost and their environmental impact. For energy, for example, this involves replacing limited or polluting energy sources with renewable and environmentally friendly ones, improving the efficiency of the distribution networks and keeping in mind the stability of the energy supply. For materials, this involves reducing the use of energy and scarce raw materials in the production processes, and improving the recycling processes. Especially the aspects of energy production (e.g. photovoltaics), energy transport (e.g. electricity or heat networks), storage (batteries) and contaminant removal (including carbon capture) are particularly relevant for industry and also form important research areas in mathematics and engineering.

The goal of this ECMI Special Interest Group (SIG) is the transfer of fundamental mathematical methods for Modelling, Simulation, Optimization (MSO) to the fields of energy generation, transport and storage; and material extraction, production and recycling. The most relevant topics of the SIG are MSO of:

  • solar panels, wind turbines and beyond,
  • model hierarchies for energy networks,
  • batteries,
  • carbon capture and contaminant removal,

but the Special Interest Group is also open to new topics and mathematical aspects.

Contact details:

Nella Rotundo,

Ferran Brosa Planella,

Dirk Peschka,

Tim Myers,

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