International Symposium on the Edges of Glaciology (2-7 July 2023) Limerick

IGS 2023 Postcard

This summer, MACSI together with the International Glaciological Society will host the International Symposium on the Edges of Glaciology. The conference will focus on edges in glaciology, which may include: beds of ice sheets or glaciers, supraglacial processes, crevasses, calving, grain boundaries (of ice and snow crystals), and perhaps philosophical edges.

The edges of glaciology are most obviously those parts of the study of ice and ice masses which involve boundaries: grain boundaries, ice cores, the glacier bed, the glacier surface, shear margins, crevasses, calving. But these and other subjects also sometimes involve philosophical edges, where different presumptions and practices can lead to controversy: for example, theories of drumlin formation or till deformation. And, yet again, there are territorial edges, where glaciology lies at the interface with other disciplines, as for example in ice-shelf–ocean interactions, rheology of granular materials, sintering and compaction. The aim of the symposium is to explore and encourage discussion of all such edges. In keeping with this aim, we hope to include some open problem-solving sessions, and will also recover the long-lost final open discussion.

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The Second Circular is available as a PDF on the same page

Date: 2 July 2023 – 7 July 2023

Time: All Day Event

Venue: University of Limerick, Ireland

Organiser: Professor Andrew Fowler

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