35th ECMI Modelling Week in Verona

This week ECMI held its 35th Modelling Week in Verona, Italy with around 60 participants from all over Europe. These annual modelling weeks at ECMI partner universities involve students working for a week in small multinational groups on projects based on real problems. Each group is led by an ECMI-instructor who presents the problem on the first day, usually formulated in non-mathematical terms, and then guides the students to solve it during the week.

There were 10 projects this week, such as machine learning in DNA damage in radiotherapy, modelling COVID-19 spread and containment and the impact of human mobility on it, modelling and simulation of magnetic levitation, optimizing locations for renewable energy generation plants, etc.

The students present their results to the other groups on the last day and then write a report on their work. The main objectives of the modelling weeks are to train students in mathematical modelling and to enhance their cooperation and communication skills in a multinational environment.

Participation in a modelling week is an integral part of the ECMI Certificate and many Master’s courses offered at ECMI centers. A number of similar modelling weeks or modelling camps, such as the “Study Groups with Industry” are organized by ECMI members each year.

The next ECMI Modelling Week will take place in 2023 in Szeged, Hungary. Interested Master’s students are welcome to apply for it at their local ECMI host.

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