Call for COST STSM Grant applications

1 JANUARY 2020 AND 31 MARCH 2020

Applications are invited for Short-term scienti c missions (STSMs) within the scope of COST Action CA18232 “Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks” ( STSMs enable researchers from COST countries participating in the Action to visit an institution, organisation or research centre in another participating COST country in order to foster collaboration, perform research, and further the goals of the Action. Participation of Early Career Investigators (ECIs), female researchers, and researchers working in any Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) is
particularly encouraged.
Specifi c information concerning STSMs. STSMs can have a duration of between 5 and 90 days (or up to 180 days if the applicant is an ECI). It is expected that the STSM is conducted to collaborate with a member of a Working Group.
Eligibility criteria. The following table shows which STSMs are possible.
A) Researcher whose home institution is B) may perform an STSM
in another participating COST country
in a participating COST country at an approved NNC institution
at an approved IPC institution
at an approved speci c organisation
an approved NNC institution in a participating COST country
an approved European RTD organisation in a participating COST country
Since all applications are managed via the e-COST system, your ITC/NNC affiliation and ECI status will be determined by the information provided in your e-COST pro file.
 Deadline for applications: 15 December, 2019.
 The STSM should begin after 1 January, 2020.
 All funding claims must be processed before the end of the current COST funding
period on 30 April 2020. For this reason, an end date of 31 March, 2020 is being

Earlier or later missions, including missions beginning after 1 January, 2020 but ending
after 31 March, 2020 may be considered in exceptional circumstances, but be aware that
there will be later calls to cover the period after 31 March 2020.
Financial support. The following conditions apply:
 - financial support can only cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses and is
paid in the form of a grant.
- up to a maximum of e1650 will be a orded to each successful STSM applicant;
- up to e160 per day can be paid for accommodation and meal expenses;
- grants can normally only be paid after the STSM, upon approval of the Scientifi c Report (see below). However, researchers from an ITC may apply to receive half of the grant on the day they commence the STSM;
- the fi nancial support awarded is a contribution to the overall expenses
incurred during the STSM and may not necessarily cover all of the
associated costs.

In this call 4 STSMs of up to e1400 each are planned. The amount granted to each indi-
vidual STSM will be determined by the STSM committee during the evaluation process;
in the event of success a lower amount may be awarded than was requested in the
How to apply. All applications must be submitted via the e-COST system. To apply, you must rst register for an e-COST account ( including your bank account details. Log in to your e-COST account, select the STSM application tab, and follow the instructions. You should carefully read the funding rules detailed in Section 7 of the COST Vademecum. Your application must include all of the following documents:
- a motivation letter including an overview of the proposed activities to be per-
formed. This must contain a plan of work for the visit highlighting the proposed
contribution to the scienti fic objectives of the Action.
- a letter of support from your home institution;
- a letter of invitation from a Working Group member affiliated with the host institution;
- a full CV (including a list of academic publications).
Evaluation criteria. Applications will be evaluated by the STSM committee, a panel consisting of the STSM Coordinator, the ITC Conference Grant Manager, and the Equal Opportunity Agent according to the scientifi c objectives outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the Action and the following criteria:
- scienti fic merit of the proposal (scientifi c level of the project and how it is related to the aims of the Action);
- expected outcome for the Action;
- participation of Early Career Investigators (ECIs), female researchers, and researchers based in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) is preferred. In particular, women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. Every effort will be made to notify applicants of the outcome within three weeks of the deadline.

Please direct any enquires to the STSM Coordinator for the Action, Prof. András Bátkai

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