Environmental Mathematics in Barcelona

The Industrial Mathematics group at the Centre de Recerca Matematica are currently involved in two research areas related to current environmental challenges, namely carbon capture and green roofs. Carbon Capture The carbon capture involves modelling the flow of a gas through a porous media contained in a column. This represents […]

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The Experts Method for the prediction of big data streams of energy flow

We have developed a method, called Experts Method, to forecast the evolution of a multivariate set of time series, of big dimension, and with partially censored data. It has been applied to the data provided by the H2020 Big Data Horizon Prize 2017 (http://ec.europa.eu/research/horizonprize/index.cfm?prize=bigdata). The data subject to the forecast […]

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Ensemble Kalman smoothing of algal bloom events

Algal blooms of inland and coastal waters are frequent events that should be broadcast to the general public as a warning. This is rarely done because there are few real-time monitoring systems that allow them to be detected and mapped in real time. The Finnish Environment Centre SYKE aims to […]

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