Numerical homogenization

Greetings. My name is Morgan Görtz, and I am a Ph.D. student in numerical analysis working at the Fraunhofer- Chalmers Center for industrial mathematics. My research area is numerical homogenization applied to network models modeling industrial applications. The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research funds the mathematical side and aims to […]

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Shape analysis with applications

Shapes exist everywhere: in arts, science, and engineering; in everyday life, during day and night. Our research group, consisting of PhD students Erik Jansson and Carl-Joar Karlsson supervised by Prof. Klas Modin, studies shapes as mathematical objects.  That is, we investigate how shapes can be described and what is possible with […]

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Numerical simulation of viscoelastic fluid flow

My name is Simon Ingelsten and I am an industrial PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology, working at Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics in Gothenburg. I started as a Development Engineer at the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre after graduating from Chalmers University of Technology and the master program “Engineering Mathematics […]

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Sampling of random fields on manifolds

We are three researchers, Erik Jansson (PhD student), Annika Lang (professor) and Mike Pereira (postdoc), from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, who work together on the development of new efficient algorithms for the sampling of random fields on manifolds. Special emphasis is put on Gaussian random fields, also […]

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Geometric analysis and game theory

Hello!  My name is Julie Rowlett, and I work as an associate professor in the division of analysis and probability theory at the joint mathematics department of Chalmers University and the University of Gothenburg.  My main research focus is geometric and microlocal analysis, often in singular geometric settings, but I also maintain […]

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Postdoctoral position in stochastic traffic networks

The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department for Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology are jointly recruiting a postdoc. The goal of the project is to use stochastic partial differential equations to model traffic flows and to estimate parameters based on data from real measurements. Starting date: January 1, 2020 or […]

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