Invite to attend MACSI10 Event – Ireland


We are delighted to invite you and your colleagues to MACSI10, an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI).  This FREE workshop will be held at the University of Limerick, Ireland on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of December 2016.  MACSI10 aims to […]

Generalized Chaplygin gas model


My name is Sanja Ružičić and I am a first-year PhD student at Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences at University of Novi Sad. Also, I am currently employed as an Assistant at Chair of Analysis, Probability and Differential Equations at Department of Mathematics and Informatics where I received both undergraduate and graduate […]

An internship project on how to prevent and mitigate the risk of credit default on a retail bank


My name is Nuno Aires and I completed my master degree in Applied Mathematics to Engineering and Finance at the Engineering School, Polytechnic of Porto (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto), Portugal. As a student of this master degree I had the opportunity to make, as my final project, an internship at a Bank. This […]

Atmospheric Tomography in Adaptive Optics


Turbulent air motion in the Earth’ atmosphere causes index of refraction fluctuations. In atmospheric tomography one aims at reconstructing this atmospheric turbulence from light wavefronts of bright astronomical objects or laser beacons from several directions that are measured on the ground. Atmospheric tomography is needed in tomographic Adaptive Optics (AO) systems in large ground-based telescopes. […]

Adaptive Optics in Extremely Large Telescopes

The E-ELT will make extensive use of adaptive optics to achieve images of remarkable sharpness. In this artist’s view the future 39-metre telescope is shown using lasers to create artificial stars high in the atmosphere. These are used as part of the telescope’s sophisticated adaptive optics system to remove much of the blurring effect of the Earth’s atmosphere.

My name is Daniela Saxenhuber and I am currently finishing my PhD in Industrial Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. The focus of my research is the development of fast algorithms for atmospheric tomography in Adaptive Optics systems for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) currently under construction in the Atacama Desert. […]

Master Studies in Industrial Mathematics in Linz

E-ELT and VLT sizes compared with the St.Stephan's cathedral. The design for the E-ELT shown here was published in 2010 and is preliminary.

My name is Markus Pöttinger. Since November 2015 I’m a PhD student in Ronny Ramlau’s transfer group at the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) in Linz. Upon completion of my bachelor studies in technical mathematics I decided to enroll into the master studies in industrial mathematics since I was (and still am) […]

Multiobjective Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem


My name is André Oliveira and I’m a student at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and I’m currently taking my master’s degree in statistics, optimization and financial mathematics. During the first year of my masters I studied each of these fields, never having a clue about what I […]

Elías Gudiño: PhD in Mathematics at Coimbra University


My name is Elías Gudiño, I’m from Venezuela and I completed my PhD in Mathematics in February of 2014 at the Mathematics Department of the University of Coimbra. I was part of the joint PhD program in Mathematics of the University of Porto and the University of Coimbra. In the Centre for Mathematics of the […]

Multi-scale modelling of Li-ion batteries

My name is Zénó Farkas, 22 year old student from Hungary. Currently I’m studying at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) of Budapest, Faculty of Sience as analytical mathematician of Bsc. This is my last semester and I’m writing my Bsc thesis about multi scale modelling of Li-ion batteries. This theme has been offered by my current […]

Jeroen J. Stolwijk: PhD at the TU Berlin

Jeroen J. Stowijk

My name is Jeroen J. Stolwijk, 25 years old and from the Netherlands. Since January 2014, I am a PhD Student at the TU Berlin in the research group of Volker Mehrmann, which consists of approximately twenty researchers. Here I would like to share my experiences at the TU Berlin with you. Our research group […]