Department of Mathematics and ADAMSS Centre, Università degli Studi di Milano

Università degli Studi di Milano ( is a public teaching and research university, which, with 10 Faculties, 31 Departments and a teaching staff of 2000 professors, is distinguished by its wide variety of disciplinary fields. A leading institution in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity, Università degli Studi di Milano is the largest university in the region, with approximately 64,000 students; it is also an important resource for the socio-economic context of which it is a part. The Università degli Studi di Milano belongs to the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and traditionally maintains close contacts with other research institutions abroad and with other international scientific institutions.

m-2005-003-220The Department of Mathematics ( between professors and research staff has 85 members and 21 technical and administrative staff. The Department has an active PhD School in Mathematical Sciences, which hosts about 50 PhD students and 15 post-docs every year.

The Department is also an ECMI educational centre and the ECMI Educational programme is offered (in English) in the MSc in Mathematics. Another international programme, ALGANT (Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory) is offered in English both at the master and PhD level. See the web page for further details on both programmes.

The Department is also hosting the ADAMSS (ADvanced Applied Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) Centre, which promotes the use of mathematical models and scientific computing in industry, finance, environment, biomedicine, services, etc, by offering professional expertise to public and private stakeholders; promotes and encourages training programs, in cooperation with public and private partners; promotes the exchange of information within its international networks.

In order to reach these goals the centers offers both base and applied mathematical research, and technical and scientific consulting.

Furthermore the Department is a member of CIMAB (Interuniversity Centre for Mathematics applied to Environment, Medicine and Biology) an Italian centre who promotes the use of mathematics and quantitative methods in biomedical sciences.