Summer School in Mathematics at the Eötvös University

The Institute of Mathematics of the Eötvös University is organizing a one
week long summer school in mathematics entitled "Introduction to graph

A peculiar feature of the most interesting structures and phenomena of the
world can be described by networks: a system of individuals with
connections between certain pairs of them. These huge networks raise fairly
novel, unconventional problems for the mathematician as, in contrast to
traditional graph theoretical problems, very large networks (like the
Internet) are never completely known, in most cases they are not even well
defined. Besides the algorithmic treatment of very large networks, the
notions of large graphs and their limits can also be applied successfully
for problems from extremal graph theory or from statistical physics.

The aim of the summer school is to give an introduction into the theory of
large graphs through four minicourses and three talks, given by experienced
senior and young researchers. The school is followed by the conference
"Building Bridges II", celebrating the 70th birthday of László Lovász.
The summer school is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in
Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences, or in any related program. The
mini courses we offer highlight areas of mathematics in which the Institute
of Mathematics has a traditionally strong record. The goal of the courses
is to introduce students to current directions in research that are
accessible at undergraduate and graduate level.

Invited talks:
   - Miklós Abért
   - László M. Lovász
   - Balázs Szegedy

Lecturers and lecture titles:
   - Ágnes Backhausz: Limits of random graphs
   - Péter Csikvári: Statistical physics and graph limits
   - Péter Frenkel: Homomorphism numbers and graph convergence
   - Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács: From combinatorics to analysis

Time and place:
The school will be held between June 25th and June 29th, 2018, at the
Institute of Mathematics of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary).

Deadline for applications is June 15th 2018. Information for how to apply
can be found at
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