Frequent edge sets in human connectome graphs

By Mate Fellner One way to examine the connections between the distinct parts of the human brain is the braingraph, or the connectome. The nodes of the connectome are not neurons, but distinct areas of the gray matter, which can be found in any average and healthy human brain, so we can compare whether two […]

Amyloid_PIT: An Amyloid Segment Identifier Prog

One of the general aims of bioinformatical researches is to identify such entries of large protein or other biological databases with high precision using tools and methods of mathematics and statistics which have some predetermined properties so they can be relevant to biologists or doctors. A request of this kind from biologists and chemists has […]

Summer School in Mathematics at the Eötvös University

The Institute of Mathematics of the Eötvös University is organizing a one week long summer school in mathematics entitled “Introduction to graph limits”. A peculiar feature of the most interesting structures and phenomena of the world can be described by networks: a system of individuals with connections between certain pairs of them. These huge networks […]

MSc. in Applied Mathematics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

A new applied math MSc is about to be born in Budapest – a centre for applied mathematical research, indicated by the presence of such institutions as Morgan Stanley or Ericsson. Their decision on creating and continuously developing their research centres is based on the traditionally strong mathematical education in Hungary, especially in Budapest . […]