A new ECMI teaching node: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest



After two years of preparation, our new MSc program in Applied Mathematics starts this September, with approx. 10 students, mainly from the Hungarian program called Stipendium Hungaricum. The 120-credit, 2-year program is ready for launch, we look forward to it – as it is an important step towards our aim in increasing the proportion of the use of English in our MSc courses. You may find all the relevant details here  – we welcome any interested  students! The main feature is a mix of application-oriented theoretical subjects and real-world applications, where the main line being the so-called modelling projects, which runs for at least two semesters. We have recruited an experienced team of professors, so one can be sure that an excellent tuition will be offered at the institute, where many famous mathematicians (like László Lovász, Miklós Laczkovich, András Frank) work/ed.

For the next year we plan the start of another new program: the planned one-year postgraduate program focuses on the mathematical background of artificial intelligence. Here our aim is to find a balance between theory and applications, including some brand new courses like deep learning, network science or statistical learning. There will be real-life projects to be solved and the needed foundations will also be offered for those who lack the given knowledge. The language of the tuition will be English, so besides Hungarian graduates, we also expect foreign students.

For the most motivated students there is the possibility to pursue research towards the PhD in mathematics in either a theoretical or an applied subject,  – the doctoral school has also a strong international group.

As Budapest is a lively city with many cultural and sport attractions, and about 150000 students, we are sure that everyone will find his/her stay here a unique opportunity.

András Zempléni

vice director for teaching affairs of the Mathematical Institute, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and member of the EduComm, ECMI


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