CTMI2019 celebration

The I Transfer Conference between Mathematics & Industry (CTMI2019) was held in Santiago de Compostela on 22nd-24th July 2019. It took place in the Faculty of Mathematics of Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and it was co-organized between the Spanish Network for Mathematics (math-in) and the Technological Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITMATI). The European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN) is a collaborator of this international event and supports this initiative. This Conference was a satellite meeting of ICIAM 2019 that was held the previous week at Valencia, Spain.


Opening Conference members with Rubén Gayoso, ITMATI manager.

This first edition had 70 participants, both academic and industrial fields and they was from different countries like Germany, Slovenia, France, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, …

This first edition had four invited speakers:  Ignacio Grossmann (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Volker Mehrmann (Institut f. Mathematik, TU Berlin, Germany), Stefan Nickel (Institute of Operations Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany) and Antonio Pita Lozano (LUCA, Telefonica Data Unit, Spain). The conference of Antonio Pita “Data and mathematics. The promoters of the data driven companies”, aimed at dissemination to society, was held in Auditorio Abanca (Santiago de Compostela). In addition, the program was completed with 5 minisymposiums, 2 communications sessions and one success stories posters session. Altogether, 33 success experiences of transfer of knowledge between mathematics and industry were presented, some of them presented by industry. Moreover, it had placed 40 B2B meetings that they were co-organized by the Enterprise Europe Network – the biggest European Network that provides internationalisation and innovation support to European businesses.

A conference was also held to deliver the math-in | Repsol awards. The first prize went to Alfredo Ríos, of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Santiago. He has developed a final master Project linked to the energy sector “Single particle models for the numerical simulation of lithium-ion cells”, in collaboration with Repsol. The second prize went to Carlos Coroas, from the Departamento de Matemática Aplicada II, E. de Ing. de Telecomunicación, and Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, Máquinas y Motores Térmicos y Fluidos, E. de Ing. Industrial, Universidad de Vigo. This mining engineer has focused his final master’s work on the modeling and numerical simulation of thermal cooling treatment and its application to industrial cooling, in particular to the automotive sector. The name of the Project is “Modelling and numerical simulation of the quenching heat treatment. Application to the industrial quenching of automotive spindles” and it was done in collaboration with CIE Galfor company.


Alfredo Ríos Alborés 1st Award and Alfredo Bermúdez President Scientific Committee. Photo taken by economía en Galicia.

CTMI 2019 has been sponsored by the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN), the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and the Department of Education (both of the Xunta de Galicia), the Network Strategic Mathematics (REM), the Enterprise Europe Network, and the math-in Thematic Network.

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