Workshop ‘Next generation medical stents: scoping the future’

The special interest group (SIG) in ‘Advancing the design of medical stents’ was launched at the workshop ‘Next generation medical stents: scoping the future in the University of Limerick on 4th September, organized by Dr Tuoi Vo, a postdoctoral researcher at MACSI, University of Limerick.

The workshop brought together over 40 participants including modellers, cardiologists and experimentalists from Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and the USA and industrialists from Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Veryan Medical (Ireland), CBSET (USA), Instent (France) and Vascular Flow Technologies (UK). In October 2015, the SIG has been approved officially by ECMI.


Ideas from several branches of mathematics are required to successfully tackle these challenging problems. Our group are already applying ideas from continuum mechanics, mathematical biology, structural and soft tissue mechanics, numerical analysis and multi-objective optimisation, to name but a few.

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