Post Doctoral Position in Limerick, Ie

TITLE OF POST: Post Doctoral Researcher in Mathematical Modelling of Nutrient Cycling and Soil Biomass Interactions

LOCATION: University of Limerick

REPORTS TO: Project Leader

CONTRACT TYPE: Specific Purpose

SALARY SCALE: €37,750 – €46,255 p.a.




  • PhD (completed, or near completion) in mathematical modelling, applied mathematics, or natural sciences with significant mathematical or computational content.
  • Applications are particularly sought from experienced post doctoral researchers, with a view to taking on supervisory responsibility.


    • To generate, publish, and present high-quality translational applied mathematical research.
    • To work closely with national and international interdisciplinary collaborators in analysis and interpretation of experimental and field data.
    • To guide and assist postgraduate students involved in the project.



    Supported by a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Investigator Award, the successful candidate will be based in the MACSI group at the University of Limerick, and will carry out research in mathematical modelling of nutrient cycling and soil biomass interactions. S/he will have primary responsibility for constructing and parameterising a mathematical model of contaminant-degrading biozone development in the soil column of percolation areas in on-site domestic wastewater treatment. The modelling task will be tightly linked with the generation of field data from two on-site domestic wastewater treatment installations funded by the same grant for this purpose. Insights into the development and properties of a microbial biozone due to effluent percolation in the soil will better our understanding of treatment efficacy, installation design, and potential environmental risks in the form of groundwater and surface pollution. The successful candidate will also be involved in modelling biotic cycling of phosphate (P) and sulphur (S) in agricultural soils, which forms the other primary research strand of the grant.

    Essential Criteria:


    • PhD (completed, or near completion) in mathematical modelling, applied mathematics, or natural sciences with significant mathematical or computational content.
    • Strong analytical and computational skills.
    • Experience in differential equation based applied mathematical models.
    • Evidence of willingness and ability to engage with other disciplines.
    • Excellent communication skills.Desirable Criteria:


      • Publications in peer-reviewed scientific or mathematical journals.
      • Understanding of soil nutrient cycling.
      • Evidence of participation in interdisciplinary research projects.


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