Nanomath 2016

The third nanomath conference will take place in Toulouse, France on 27-30 June 2016 (registration deadline 10 June 2016). Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing and exciting research area that is constantly issuing new challenges. Despite extensive research in this field, many breakthroughs and advances are the result of trial and error, since the mathematical framework and appropriate […]

More nanomaths … Coexistence of wrinkles and blisters in supported graphene

Coexistence of wrinkles and blisters in supported graphene Kuan Zhang (LaCàN, U. Politècnica de Catalunya) and Marino Arroyo (LaCàN, UPC) During this project we examined the mechanics of bubbles in supported graphene. In experiments, graphene bubbles have been observed with different sizes and shapes. The reported radii of the circular edges of quasi-spherical bubbles range from dozens […]

Mathematics in Nanotechnology

For the past 4 years, the Industrial Mathematics Group at CRM has focussed primarily on applying continuum mathematical models to nanoscale phenomena. Continuum theory may be applied when there is a sufficiently large sample size to ensure that statistical variation of material quantities, such as density, is small. For liquids this suggests a minimum size […]