Mathematical competitions for university students

Hi, this is Artem Eliseev again and today I would like to say some words about mathematical competitions for students. We’ve already written about supplementary activities in mathematics, which take place in Saint-Petersburg (, but only activities for high school students were discussed. Of course, studies at university are completely […]

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Using machine learning to predict materials’ properties

Researchers from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) in collaboration with colleagues from Southern Federal University and Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT Madras) suggested using machine learning methods to predict the properties of artificial sapphire crystals. It is a unique material widely used in microelectronics, optics, and electronics. The […]

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Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev – the founder of the St. Petersburg School of mathematics

We continue our topic about great Petersburgers that we started last year by the posts about Olga Ladyzhenskaya and Leonhard Euler. The new article is about Pafnuty Chebyshev. One of nine children, Pafnuty was born in Okatovo, a small town in western Russia, south-west of Moscow, in the small family estate […]

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ECMI Modelling Week 2020

Dear colleagues, this year the ECMI Modelling Week will take place in Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia, in July (05.07.2020-12.07.2020). For more information, please check We still have several vacancies for instructors.  Don’t miss an opportunity to visit St.Petersburg in the High season and see […]

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