International Workshop on “New Trends in Asymptotic Methods for Multiscale PDEs” in Karlstad, Sweden, 21-25 October 2019

The workshop has a general focus on multiscale partial differential equations, both from an analytical and a numerical point of few. As one core topic it aims at advancing the understanding of transport through thin heterogeneous layers and singular sources (e.g. productions by fast reactions and/or quenching) by exploiting fundamental properties of special structures (continuous, discrete, and stochastic) using tailor-made matrix analysis for sparse systems, multiscale asymptotics techniques, approximation theory for measure-valued equations, distributed parameter control, homogenization theory of partial differential equations, etc.

Contributed talks and posters are welcome. Suggestions can be submitted by email. The workshop also contains three mini-courses on the first two workshop days which are, in particular but not exclusively, directed to PhD students.


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