Modelling Week’s going virtual


ECMI has been running annual Modelling Weeks for students since 1988. This year for the first time we were going to host it on Russian soil. Unfortunately, the coronavirus forced us to postpone the 35 the Modelling Week until next year. But it is not all that bad. Today it was decided that this year St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will host The First ECMI Virtual Modelling Week.

We are going to keep as close to traditional ECMI Modelling Week as possible. As it was scheduled, the event will take place on July 05-12, 2020. We will start with the problem presentations. From Monday till Friday the group work will be carried out in MS Teams. And finally, the result presentation will take place on Saturday also in MS Teams. After finishing the written report students will get 3 ECTS credits (MW is virtual, but the credits are real 🙂 ). Even some cultural program is to be included. Using Google Street View, we will have a virtual tour in St. Petersburg focused on math history of the city.

And the great news: the event will be free for all ECMI participants!

The registration will be reopened soon on
See you in St.Petersburg MS Teams!

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