Computational Biology Network @ University of Coimbra

The Computational Biology Network at the University of Coimbra congregates the groups at the University that conduct research in Computational Biology. These groups encompass a wide range of complementary computational biology skills and perspectives. Within the University of Coimbra we can perform multi-scale modelling of complex biological systems as well as translate our findings to society. The concurrence of state of the art research in computational biology and innovation driven companies gives the Coimbra region a leading role in biotechnology investment and innovation in Portugal.

As has in recent years, the Computational Biology Network organises a Summer School in Computational Biology – From molecules to tissues, to be held in Coimbra on the 2th to 12th September 2019. This will be an intensive introductory course targeted to students from the M.Sc. to post-doctoral levels with either biological or exact sciences backgrounds who wish to acquire skills and a broad perspective in Computational Biology.

This year edition include introductory lectures, courses on specialised Computational Biology topics, seminars on recent developments, and mini-research projects. There will be two parallel tracks of introductory lectures: A. Mathematics and physics for students with a life sciences background; B. Biology for students with an exact sciences background. The plenary lecturers are: Alfonso Valencia (Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute); Helen Byrne (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford); Rui Dilão (Instituto Superior Técnico of the Technical University of Lisbon); Sérgio F. Sousa (Biomolecular Simulations Research Group, University of Porto).

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