MESHFREE – more freedom in CAE

MESHFREE simulation of Karman vortex street with adaptive point refinement due to the gradient of velocity.

The complexity and difficulties of a flow simulation is highly dimensional. In many cases, we have only little or diffuse knowledge about boundary conditions or material properties. Moreover, the geometry might be extensive and very detailed, it may deform/move/change during the flow process. The flow might contain free surfaces or […]

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Cable Simulation @ ITWM & FCC

Since 2005 ITWM and FCC collaborate on mathematical modeling and interactive simulation of cables and hoses. Our main application area is virtual product realization in automotive industry: Sales and marketing activities for our software IPS Cable Simulation, as well as implementation and maintenance work and training for industrial […]

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Posts from Kaiserslautern

Later this week (and during the next one) you will find here new posts from the ECMI node Kaiserslautern. We’ll give you an update on recent activities at Fraunhofer ITWM ( and the technomathematics group ( Regards, Joachim Linn (

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Modelling Light Propagation in Ocular Tissues

The cornea is the transparent part of the eye’s outer sheath and the primary refractive element in the optical system of the eye. Indeed, its curved interface with the air provides three-fourths of the eye’s focusing power (the remainder being provided by the lens). Maintenance of its curvature and clarity […]

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Mathematical modelling of corneal transparency problem

My name is Sunčica Sakić and I am finishing Master studies in Applied Mathematics (Technomathematics) at University of Novi Sad (UNS). In my opinion, the studies at UNS produce a strong base for research in a variety of real-world applications. In order to make my view wider and achieve professional […]

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My ECMI Modelling Week 2020 Experience

In the summer of 2015, I made one of the most important decisions in my life, choosing to study mathematics. Already in the BSc, it got quite clear to me that applied mathematics is the field I feel more exhilarated by. Therefore, I sensed that the ECMI-certified MSc in Technomathematics […]

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The Problem of Random Flights

By: Pedro Barata de Tovar Sá I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate Math student at University of Coimbra. During this year, I had the privilege of getting a grant from the Gulbenkian-foundation’s program “New Talents in Mathematics“. In the scope of this program, I proposed to investigate how chimney […]

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