MACSI Postdoctoral and Research Fellow Network

In 2022, MACSI formed an inclusive, researcher-led network for postdoctoral and research fellows working in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. Over the last 12 months our network has grown, and we currently have 11 postdoctoral researchers and research fellows at MACSI.

This network:

  • Creates an environment where our postdoctoral researchers and research fellows can strengthen their skills and professional networks to progress their career, in and outside of academia, as well as ensure they have a positive experience at MACSI and the University of Limerick.
  • Supports our early career researchers to realise their potential through events and training and mentoring opportunities.
  • Provides peer-to-peer support for our early career researchers, through skills development, networking opportunities, seminars, workshops, and events.

Take some time to read about: Dr. A’Qilah Ahmad Dahalan, Dr. Milton Assunção, Dr. Alina Dubovskaya, Dr. Steven Golovkine, Dr. Emma Greenbank, Dr. Róisín Hill, Dr. Arash Kia, Dr. Luis Sanchez, Dr. Nastaran Sharifian, Dr. Samuel Unicomb, and Dr. Jamie Wilson.

Meet our Postdoctoral researchers and fellows
Dr. A'Qilah Ahmad Dahalan. SMART 4.0 MSCA Fellow
Dr. Milton Assuncao postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Alina Dubovskaya postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Steven Golovkine postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Emma Greenbank, postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Róisín Hill postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Arash Kia postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Luis Sanchez, research fellow
Dr. Nastaran Sharifian postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Samuel Unicomb, postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Jamie Wilson, postdoctoral researcher

We are currently recruiting a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Mathematical Modelling of Crystallization in Microgravity, who will develop and analyse the mathematical models described above, in close collaboration with Varda Space Industries and academic supervisors Prof. Michael Vynnycky, Dr Kevin Moroney and Dr Doireann O’Kiely.   The successful candidate will be based at the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) at the University of Limerick and will have experimental support from Varda in the form of data collected both on Earth and during space flight.

Full details:
Job ID: 057888
Closing Date: 15 March 2023

For more information please contact: Prof. Michael Vynnycky, Dr. Doireann O’Kiely, Dr. Kevin Moroney

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