Short-term trajectory prediction for autonomous vehicles

Today we caught up with Sushil Sharma a PhD student at the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training (CRT) in Foundations of Data Science who carried out his placement with Valeo and to find out more about his poster presentation at the 30th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and […]

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MACSI Postdoctoral and Research Fellow Network

In 2022, MACSI formed an inclusive, researcher-led network for postdoctoral and research fellows working in mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. Over the last 12 months our network has grown, and we currently have 11 postdoctoral researchers and research fellows at MACSI. This network: Take some time to read about: Dr. […]

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A New Mathematical Modelling of Crystallization in Microgravity Project at MACSI

Last year, MACSI in collaboration with SSPC, SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals at the University of Limerick announced its partnership with Varda Space Industries in the US. Pharmaceutical compounds often crystallize in two or more forms, called polymorphs.  If only one of the polymorphs has desirable medicinal effects, then there are […]

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