Welcome to Limerick!

MACSI are delighted to be the featured node for the next couple of weeks where we will have posts on industry projects, the ECMI Math for the Digital Factory meeting takes place in Limerick next week (21-23rd March), the mathematics of batteries, and why distractions during your PhD are sometimes a good thing!

First up is Professor James Gleeson, MACSI Co-Director in a podcast on the Mathematics and the identification of ‘superspreaders’


In the world of social networks, superspreaders” are users whose retweets can make information travel faster than everyone else. Prof James Gleeson explains how his latest SFI funded project is using mathematics to help identify these superspreaders. He outlines how a better understanding of how information spreads through social influence will help us find ways to spread important information more quickly (e.g., for health or terrorism alerts), and to control undesirable aspects of social media such as the spreading of misinformation and false rumours.

This podcast may be found here  https://ecmiindmath.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/universitylimerick_2018-03-13t07_39_09-07_00.mp3

This podcast first featured as part of the University of Limerick Research Impact Podcast Series