An intelligent system for lung cancer diagnostics

Researches from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) in collaboration with radiologists from St.Petersburg Clinical Research for Specialized Types of Medical Care (Oncological) have developed an intelligent software system for lung cancer diagnostics. This software, which can be installed on any computer, analyzes results of patients’ computed tomography (CT) […]

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Usage based insurance

Holon Technologies problem for the First Estonian Study Group with Industry   Holon Technologies, one of the companies involved, works in the insurance sector, exploiting telematics and GPS data in order to provide useful indications to insurance companies, which offer usage-based policies. Usage-based insurance has become a topic of interest […]

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Kick-off Workshop of EJD Network STIMULATE

The official launching ceremony of the European Joint Doctorate Project «Simulation in Multiscale Physical and Biological Systems (STIMULATE)» was held on  January 14, 2019 at the premises of The Cyprus Institute, Nicosia  which is the coordinator of the project. STIMULATE aims to promote international, intersectoral and multi-/interdisciplinary collaboration in doctoral […]

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IOT based data analytics for maritime transport

Applied mathematics at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Eniram Ltd are developing IOT based data analytics for maritime transport in an Academy of Finland research project. The objective is optimization of maintenance and in the future also routes through digital data collection and analysis. […]

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1st Danish-Norwegian Study Group with Industry

European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) is Europe’s leading workshop bringing together mathematicians and industrial companies. These week-long workshops have been held annually since 1968 and were previously known as the Oxford Study Groups with Industry, where they attracted leading mathematicians to work on industrial problems. The first ESGI in […]

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