Happy Christmas and New Year

Dear colleagues, friends, authors and readers of ECMI blog,

ECMI marked 35 years of existence in 2022 and although the circumstances were not easy we managed to have a year full of activities. We are particularly happy to announce the enlargement of our network, with 6 new nodes coming from 5 countries. 

After two years of online meetings and activities the Council and Educational Committee had live meetings in Lisbon in March 2022 and planned the activities for this year. Our Educational flagship event, Mathematical Modelling Week was held in Verona, in July 2022 with students from all over Europe. ECMI sponsored the participation of several Ukrainian students at the modelling week. The list of teaching centres is enlarged for two new fully accredited centres. The third ECMI students competition was held in 2022 and this competition is now approved as one more of our student-oriented activities to be organized each year. 

Editorial activities were focused on Journal of Mathematics in Industry and a special issue on Shape, Form and Patterns in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science is being prepared. The council approved Aderito Araujo as the new Editor-in-Chief for the next four years and I wish him a lot of success. At the same time I would like to thank Michael Gunther for his efforts regarding our journal for the past four years. Four new books appeared in the ECMI Springer series. The proceeding of ECMI 2021 conference is also published. The annual report for 2021 with some updates from 2022 is available on the blog.

A couple of European Study Group with Industry are organized during this year followed by some virtual/hybrid ESGs. The repository, Mathematics in Industry Reports, developed by Cambridge University Press in close cooperation with ECMI is publishing reports from ESGIs. 

ECMI is continuing its activities and cooperation with other organizations like EMS, through Committee for Applied and Interdisciplinary Activities, ICIAM, Asia-Pacific Consortium for Mathematics in Industry and EU-MATHS-IN for the benefit of mathematical community in Europe. We also maintain our efforts in cooperation with African mathematical community and our colleagues from India. 

The next year promises some exciting events, to start with our conference, 22nd ECMI Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Wroclaw, June 26-30, 2023. The call for mini symposia and presentation is open and I hope to see many of you at the conference. 

Hoping that 2023 will be significantly better for all of us, I would like to encourage you to continue following our blog, to support ECMI activities and to contact us with new ideas and initiatives. New members and new ideas from everybody are particularly welcome and we should continue to be the consortium of cooperation and diversity across Europe. We will do our best to continue with activities for students, joint projects with industry and providing networking opportunities. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and a very successful and happy 2023!

Nataša Krejić,

ECMI President 

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