ROM based optimization in the packaging industry

In the framework of a long-lasting collaboration between the MOX laboratory, the company MOXOFF s.p.a. and TetraPak, we have developed a software suite for the simulation, optimization, and uncertainty quantification of filling systems in the packaging industry.

The simulation tool is based on a non-intrusive POD reduced-order method that allows fast and reliable evaluations of Quantities of Interest (QoI) that can be required in multi-query analyses such as shape optimization or uncertainty quantification studies for the design of specific devices in packaging systems.

Both physical and geometrical parameters can be considered. An example of a parametric analysis for different values of a geometrical parameter defining the height of the counter-pressure flange used in a packaging filling system is displayed in Figure.


[1] N Parolini, C Riccobene, E Schenone, Reduced models for liquid food packaging systems, in Advances on Links Between Mathematics and Industry: CTMI 2019, 45-58

Pressure distribution on the counter-pressure flange for different heights
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