ECMI Modelling Week 2020

In the year 2020 ECMI Modelling Week will be held in Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University during the dates 05.07.2020-12.07.2020 and it will be organized as a part of the large annual Polytechnic Summer School.

The Polytechnic Summer School – is a traditional meeting place for young and active people who are interested in spending their summer holidays not just relaxing, but also improving their professional skills and knowledge. It includes many different modules for more than 500 students all over the world.

During the summer months, the students will study physics, information technology, energy engineering, design, civil engineering, Russian language and literature, business and management. The classes include lectures, workshops, laboratory work, group presentations, visits to laboratories (FabLab Polytech, High-Temperature Plasma Physics Laboratory) and enterprises (Baltika, Karavai, Rosatom, Elma).


The classes are taught by professors from SPbPU and foreign partner universities (TU Graz, City University London) as well as experts from major companies (Visotski Consulting, Gonzo Design, Rosatom). The participants of the Summer School can also take part in exciting sightseeing and cultural activities. At the end of each module, every student receives a certificate of participation in an international program.

As a module of the summer school, ECMI Modelling Week will be held. All the participants will be accommodated on the university’s campus, which is located between 4 metro stations, and very close to the main university buildings and the canteen.
Hope to see You in 2020!