Second and Third Days of ECMI 2018

The plenary lectures on Tuesday were given by Professor Samuli Siltanen, from University of Helsinki and Professor Gábor Stépán, from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Europe.

The title of the first plenary talk was Three-dimensional X-ray Vision by Sparse Tomography. He presented his scientific research on computational solution of inverse problems related to collaboration with hospitals and medical imaging technology companies. The second plenary speaker showed results on delayed dynamical systems, stability theory, and nonlinear vibrations under the title Hardware-in-the-loop Experiments on Bistability.



Wednesday the plenary lecture was given by Paola Goatin, from INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Team ACUMES, France. She is an expert of analysis and numerical simulation of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, with special focus on traffic flow applications. The title of her talk was Traffic Management by Macroscopic Models.


The group photo below was taken on Wednesday morning.


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