Call for Papers – Kaiserslautern Applied and Industrial Mathematics Days 2023

The second edition of the Kaiserslautern Applied and Industrial Mathematics Days – KLAIM will take place in Kaiserslautern, Germany, from September 25th-27th, 2023. Registration is now open. We invite prospective speakers to submit a one-page abstract to one of the above five tracks.

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Seismic Imaging Provides an Insight Into the Earths Subsurface

The seismic reflection method involves sending acoustic waves thousands of meters under the Earth’s surface. The reflected signals provide scientists with information about the characteristics of the subsurface. Researchers at the Fraunhofer ITWM are able to process seismic data in greater detail.

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New Quantum Computing Activities in Kaiserslautern

In cooperation with IBM Germany, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is establishing a national competence network in the research field of quantum computing. With the participation of currently eleven Fraunhofer Institutes, specialist expertise is being pooled in regional competence centers. On our Institute the Center for Quantum HPC has been established. The focus of the Competence Center Quantum Computing Rhineland-Palatinate is on quantum High Performance Computing.

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Programmable Materials – Shape Change at the Push of a Button

Programmable materials are true shape-shifters. At the push of a button, they change their properties in a controlled and reversible manner and adapt independently to new conditions. Areas of application include comfortable seating or mattresses that prevent bedsores. In this case, the carpet pad deforms in such a way that the contact surface is large and the pressure on the body parts is reduced as a result. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence »Programmable Materials« CPM are developing such programmable materials and bringing them to market together with industrial partners. One of the aims is to reduce the use of resources.

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25 years of MaGIC: Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia, in Norway

The first time we organised MaGIC it was in 1999 in Ustahoset, Norway. The group of participants was not very big and we all lived in the cabin of the University of Bergen, Ottesheimen. We cooked our own meals, shared rooms, and had to queue for the bathroom. In the […]

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CutFEM: Discretizing Partial Differential Equations and Geometry

by Andre’ Massing The burden of mesh generation The generation of meshes, as a fundamental prerequisite for the majority of computational methods for partial differential equations (PDEs), is a challenging task that can easily account for > 80% of the time in the overall simulation workflow. For instance, the simulation […]

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