Post-Doctoral in Scientific Computing Micro-kernels for Innovative HPC Architectures at IIT Genova, Italy

Call for Post-Doctoral position in scientific computing micro-kernels development for HPC architectures at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Host: Dr. Walter Rocchia, CONCEPT Lab, the Italian Institute of Technology

Description: We have an opening for an up-to-three-year postdoctoral position in the CONCEPT Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology. The focus of the position is on algorithmic development and especially High-Performance restructuring of key microkernels of scientific codes in various fields of molecular modeling and simulation of systems at the nanoscale, with relevant applications to health and material sciences. The applicant will be co-mentored by Dr. Sergio Decherchi and will have access to the supercomputing infrastructure of the IIT.

The main responsibilities will be:

·       Identify new/more efficient parallelization strategies for given key target micro-kernels.

·       Develop micro-kernels with different languages and parallelization frameworks (e.g. CUDA vs Sycl vs Pytorch) and study performance and performance portability.

·       Testing and benchmarking on various computing architectures including but not limited to x86 and non-x86 ones.

Training and skills required: A PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and similar disciplines. Documented experience on the development of HPC codes, algorithm implementation, knowledge of one or more of the following languages C, C++, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC.

Useful additional values are: A strong publication record; The ability to properly report, organize and publish research data; Documented experience in coaching junior scientists; Good command in spoken and written English.

Timeline: The postdoc could begin as early as November 2022, but could start later if needed. The position will stay open until it is filled with an appropriate candidate.

Teaching: The position does not require any teaching, but teaching opportunities and teaching mentorship are available if the candidate is interested.

Contact: Interested applicants should contact Dr. Rocchia ( and follow the directions at the following web site: