Master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering

The Mathematical Engineering Master of Science MSc is a 2 years degree offered at the University of Porto, Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Sciences (FCUP).  The course syllabus leads to the development of analytical capacities to approach emerging trends and problems, as well as the ability to propose methodologies suitable to different environments. The MSc is suitable for English speaking students.


The main objectives of the MSc are: to provide a solid preparation in mathematics; to develop the student abilities and technical skills for mathematical modelling, which are suitable for a wide range of applications; to stimulate the interaction with computer science methodologies along with computational tools and numerical techniques; to promote a dialogue between the various economic agents in order to adjust the academic preparation of the MSc students to the market requirements.

The value of integrating professionals with a strong background in Applied Mathematics is increasingly being valued by companies, as they are subjected to a rapidly changing environment, which require their staff to have a great diversity of skills and ability to adapt to changes. The FCUP Mathematical Engineering MSc graduates are highly regarded in the current employment market, both locally and internationally. Many students choose to replace the MSc thesis by a final-year internship in a company, working in insurance, services, finance or industry.

The mission of FCUP is, according to its statutes, “the school where the UP focuses teaching and research, basic or applied in the areas of natural sciences, extending its intervention to multi and interdisciplinary areas, including the nature of technology related to these.” From the standpoint of economic, mathematics provides the context logically coherent, structured and universal language for analysis, optimization and control of natural and technological processes.

The problems that arise today in the various activities, not only economic but also those related to health, safety, education, communications, environment, etc.. Involve phenomena and processes increasingly complex whose analysis requires an analytical mind that the interpreter under multiple perspectives. Engineering Mathematics develops the analytical capacity to address the problems, the ability to propose multifaceted methodologies that lead to general solutions applicable in different contexts apparently.


Fashion experts, beyond the knowledge of the various techniques of contemporary mathematics, are also familiar with the latest advances in scientific computing and numerical algorithms. The mathematical engineers working at the forefront of innovation and therefore are increasingly valued in their areas of intervention. By developing skills, including perception by global (holistic) of the problems and methods of resolution, easily integrate into multidisciplinary teams, which play a leading role, participating actively in the course of scientific innovation and business, contributing to sustainable economic development in a society knowledge.


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