Programmable Materials – Shape Change at the Push of a Button

Programmable materials are true shape-shifters. At the push of a button, they change their properties in a controlled and reversible manner and adapt independently to new conditions. Areas of application include comfortable seating or mattresses that prevent bedsores. In this case, the carpet pad deforms in such a way that the contact surface is large and the pressure on the body parts is reduced as a result. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence »Programmable Materials« CPM are developing such programmable materials and bringing them to market together with industrial partners. One of the aims is to reduce the use of resources.

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Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel Is the New President of the »Association of European Operational Research Societies« (EURO)

Anita Schöbel

Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel has been President of the »Association of European Operational Research Societies« (EURO) since January 1, 2023. After her election in summer 2021, she was able to prepare for her term as »President Elect« for one year. We interviewed her about her tenure so far.

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25 years of MaGIC: Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia, in Norway

The first time we organised MaGIC it was in 1999 in Ustahoset, Norway. The group of participants was not very big and we all lived in the cabin of the University of Bergen, Ottesheimen. We cooked our own meals, shared rooms, and had to queue for the bathroom. In the […]

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CutFEM: Discretizing Partial Differential Equations and Geometry

by Andre’ Massing The burden of mesh generation The generation of meshes, as a fundamental prerequisite for the majority of computational methods for partial differential equations (PDEs), is a challenging task that can easily account for > 80% of the time in the overall simulation workflow. For instance, the simulation […]

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Mapping lakes and learning Hamiltonians

By Håkon Noren While the tiny boat was immersed in darkness on the largest freshwater lake in Norway, Mjøsa, an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) made its way down the water column. It was heading towards a particular coordinate, upon where HUGIN, an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) had spotted the […]

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Partial differential equations, statistics and data in an interdisciplinary approach to data-based modelling

By Mats Ehrnström NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology IMod is a 2022–2028 interdisciplinary project for building, analyzing and testing frameworks for data-based modelling built on partial differential equations and statistical modelling. It includes work packages and applications in surface fluid mechanics and neuroscience. Its primary objective is to develop a […]

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Automated theorem provers and their role in cryptography

By Morten Rotvold Solberg and Kristian Gjøsteen In the 1970s, Fields Medal winner Paul Cohen made the prediction that in the future, mathematicians would be replaced by computers, implying that all of mathematics – including the writing of proofs – could be automated (Sriraman, 2017). While arguably bold, Cohen’s prediction […]

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The “Norwegian Workshop on Mathematical Optimization, Nonlinear and Variational Analysis” will be arranged at NTNU from April 26 – 28, 2023 

By Elisabeth and Markus Köbis The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from different countries with researchers in Norway to exchange the latest contributions and present the state of the art in the fields of nonlinear and variational analysis, set and vector optimization, operations research and life […]

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Short observation series and geostatistical methods improve Norwegian mean annual runoff maps. 

By Thea Roksvåg and Ingelin Steinsland Norwegian Computing Center and NTNU The mean annual runoff is a key variable in Hydrology. Runoff can be defined as the part of precipitation that does not evaporate, but travels over the land surface or within the soil before it reaches a river.  Although runoff […]

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