Master’s Degree Program Continuum Mechanics

We would like you to give some insights into an international Master’s degree program “Continuum Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications”, which is performed at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The Program is aimed at preparing master students, who are able to […]

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Week of Science and International Polytechnic Week at Peter the Great Polytechnic University

  Every university has its own traditions. Peter the Great Polytechnic University annually holds the Week of Science. The tradition of the Week of Science has been developing over decades, for many years student seminars of various departments have been its core. However, the concept of the conference has been […]

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International Polytechnic Summer School 2017: Go deeper in Math!

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO INTERNATIONAL POLYTECHNIC SUMMER SCHOOL AT SPbPU. We have already posted the information about our Summer school (you can find it here), and in this post we are willing to share the NEW information. Every summer we host around 500 international students from different countries. We […]

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Problems proposed by Airbus SAS and Powerflute companies

 Optimization of fastener distribution during airframe assembly    One of the problems for ESGI 123 was provided by Airbus and related to the optimization of the wing assembly processing. As nowadays the demand for planes is very high, the company aims to reduce the time of wing production through minor changes […]

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Problems proposed by Robert Bosch Company at BEEs01/ESGI123

Two different interesting problems were proposed by Robert Bosch Company. Both of them were aimed at obtaining analytical solutions. According to the results that teams showed at their final presentations Robert Bosch Company made contracts with the members of the groups to continue solving the problems.  Overlap of spherical harmonics […]

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Scientific Events at Polytech

The last 2016 year was rich in different international scientific activities. JANUARY 25 started with International Nuclear Engineering Winter School in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The Institute of Energy and Transport Systems (Department “Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering”) and the Department of International Educational Programs were the […]

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