Week of Science and International Polytechnic Week at Peter the Great Polytechnic University


Every university has its own traditions. Peter the Great Polytechnic University annually holds the Week of Science. The tradition of the Week of Science has been developing over decades, for many years student seminars of various departments have been its core. However, the concept of the conference has been seriously revised and updated for the past few years. Now the ‘Marathon Week’ is more about debates, a variety of formats and guest speakers, contests among the youth.


Week of Science 2016 was held for the 45th time from November 14 to November 19 revealing following topics:

  1. Energy Saving, Energy Conservation and Ecology
  2. Modern Functional Materials
  3. Additive and Laser Technologies
  4. Information & Telecommunication Systems
  5. Living Systems Technologies
  6. Pure & Applied Physics
  7. Modeling and Innovations in Engineering Sciences
  8. Human & Social Sciences
  9. SPbPU Institutions Subject Approaches

Under the conference there were institute plenary meetings, departmental and interdepartmental sections, various scientific events (seminars, round tables, master classes, famous scientists’ lectures) and a cultural program.
At the same time at SPbPU there was held the International Forum “Polytechnic Week in Saint-Petersburg”. The rector of SPbPU Andrey I. Rudskoy in his welcoming talk said that it included some significant events: All-Russian Engineering Competition, a contest in computer generated simulation field All Russian Hackathon ‘HackRussia’, conferences for significant theme approaches, various science promotion events and the International Week of Science, which was the traditional multidisciplinary event for the young scientists and junior specialists.
Through the Week of Science there were discussed future development of the polytechnical branches of science and opportunities to improve scientific work performance. During some plenary meetings the best students and candidates who succeeded in scientific research activities were awarded.


The winners had certificates and valuable prizes in nominations of ‘Student of the Year’, ‘Candidate of the Year’, ‘Young Scientist of the Year’, etc.
As an outcome of the Week of Science 2016 there were about 100 scientific sections, more than 2500 students, candidates, young scientists and scientific corporate representatives took part in various scientific activities. The Week of Science as it always has been became the significant event at SPbPU, and the highlight of the International Forum “Polytechnic Week in Saint-Petersburg”.
Also on May 2016 the grand opening of the International Polytechnic Week took place at SPbPU.
The program included various events dedicated to the development of partnership between the Polytechnic University and numerous universities around the globe, discussion of strategic objectives and practices, solution of problems associated with the promotion of SPbPU’s achievements and increase in international students number interested in obtaining quality education and a competitive diploma.
During the International Polytechnic Week, all participants attended various seminars and conferences. Witin the International Polytechnic Week 2016 there was held the 18th International conference “Economics, environment, and society: Russia in the 21st century”; a seminar “International cooperation: best practices of network cooperation and strategic partnership”; a digital arts workshop of the TEMPUS project “Development of arts education in Russia: new master’s degree programs in digital arts according to the EU standards”; an international seminar of the EU on the promotion of the European educational program “Study abroad” for students of SPbPU and other Russian universities; the 10th International conference “Modern problems of the education of international students in Russian universities; an international training seminar “Effective services for the professional and social support of international experts and for ensuring their attachment to universities participating in the project on the enhancement of competitiveness of the leading Russian universities”; a Russian–Finnish seminar “European tool for good neighborly relations between Russia and Finland”; an engineering competitions for students in association with the Airbus company; International student film festival; and other events.

8_3We have a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the International Polytechnic Week at our University.
The consequent event will take place on 22-27 May, 2017 anticipating the period of magnificent white nights in St. Petersburg.